Jo Jae

B. 1990 Seoul, South Korea


2022 ~ Ph.D  Candidate, Seoul National University, Sculpture, Seoul, South Korea

2016    MA  Royal College of Art, painting,  London, UK (Excellent)

2014    BA   Sungkyunkwan University, Fine Arts,  Seoul, South Korea

Solo Exhibition

2023 <Melting Things> Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul 

2021 <Meeting Point> G Gallery, Seoul

2020  <Desensitizer> Interart Channel, Seoul 

2018  <5 Minutes Rest, then 30 Seconds> 413 Space, Seoul

Selected Group Exhibition 

2022  <Phygital Reality> G Gallery, Seoul

2020  <ART NOW3>  Seoul Auction, Seoul  

2019  <We can only have fun on certain days> Stour Space, London 

2018  <Radical Residency ll> Unit 1 Gallery, London 

2017  <GEEKY LAND> K Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul  

2016  <Young Talent Contemporary Prize> Ingram Collection, Cello Factory, London 

2016  <Blue Issue> Safehouse 2, London 

2016  <> Dyson Gallery of RCA, London 

2015  <Don't worry baby, I'm just swimming> Hockney Gallery of RCA, London 

2015  <'I am looking for someone> Old Police Station Cells, London

2015  <The 82nd London Group Exhibition> The Cello Factory, London

Visiting Artist

2021  Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea

2016  Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Awards & Grants

2022  20th Kumho Young Artist, Kumho Museum, South Korea

2016  Grant, Threads Kent, Arts Council England, UK

2016  Young Talent Contemporary Prize, Ingram Collection, UK


2018  Radical Residency II, Unit 1 Gallery, London, UK


2019  Magazine, Murze Magazine, Issue 9, UK

2016  Magazine, 1Granary Magazine, Issue 4, UK 

2016  Publication, Floor Magazine, Issue 5, UK

2015  Offprint London, Tate Modern Turbin Hall, UK




B. 1990 서울, 대한민국


2022    박사  서울대학교, 미술대학, 조소전공, 서울, 한국 (재학중)

2016    석사  Royal College of Art,  Painting, 런던, 영국 (최우수등급) 

2014    학사  성균관대학교, 미술학과, 서양화, 서울, 한국


2023 <누락 번역> 금호미술관, 서울 

2021 <Meeting Point> G Gallery, 서울 

2020 <둔감제> 인터아트채널, 서울 

2018 <5분 쉬고, 30초씩> 공간 413, 서울


2022  <Phygital Reality> G Gallery, 서울

2022  <NUMBER THE SHADOWS> 서울대학교 우석갤러리, 서울

2019  <We can only have fun on certain days> Warbling Collective, Stour Space, 런던

2018  <Radical Residency ll> Unit 1 Gallery, 런던

2017  <GEEKY LAND> K현대미술관, 서울

2016  <Young Talent Contemporary Prize> Ingram Collection, Cello Factory, 런던  

2016  <Blue Issue> Safehouse 2, 런던

2015  <Don't worry baby, I'm just swimming> Hockney Gallery of RCA, 런던

2015  <'I am looking for someone'> Old Police Station Cells, 런던

2015  <The 82nd London Group Exhibition> The Cello Factory, 런던

2015  <Secret RCA> Dyson Gallery of RCA, 런던, 두바이

레지던시 경력 

2018  Radical Residency ll, Unit 1 Gallery, 런던, 영국


수상 경력 

2022  제20회 금호영아티스트, 금호미술관, 한국  

2016  Young Talent Contemporary Prize (finalist),  Ingram Collection, 영국


2021  성균관대학교 예술대학 미술학과 강사 

2016  Visiting Artist, Anglia Ruskin University, 영국

2016  기금수혜  Arts Council England, 영국 

2019  출판  Murze Magazine, Issue 9, 영국 

2016  출판  1Granary Magazine, Issue 4, 영국